What is the Soundtrack to your life?

Hey, I'm Jasmin and I make music to bring you closer to the

heart of God, closer to His 'soundtrack' for you!

What is the 'soundtrack' of your heart?

Is it the 'soundtrack' of His victory?

There was a time in my life where I really needed God's soundtrack of victory!

But I was unable to hear it! And I felt unable to ask for help.

Jesus supernaturally met me and powerfully brought me back to Him.

I found I didn’t really know who I was!

I was ‘living the life’, but somehow my identity was still in my achievements

and what people thought of me!

And yet; Jesus met me in the darkest place of my life, told me how loved I was, and how that was the only opinion I’d ever need, that His love was (and is) sufficient.

Before, I 'knew God' (head knowledge), but this encounter spoke directly into my heart, it was the beginning of transformational heart healing!

That's why I make music:

To pursue the deep healing of Jesus; to see you (and me) healed and whole!

I see music as an 'instrument' to release the sounds of heaven and kingdom realities on earth.

That's why I write songs; to release freedom and prophetic words.

I sing to lift you into the reality of God's Kingdom.

We all carry a narrative in our minds; a 'soundtrack' that tells us who we are.

But Jesus has written you a beautiful soundtrack of victory!

My music is the soundtrack I hear from God; that's why I'd love you to hear it!

I'd love you to join me and my producer Pete, as we journey towards

knowing more of God; towards seeing fear defeated & towards living life to the full!

Let's draw closer to God's soundtrack for you, and for me.

You are precious, beloved!

'You were born to overcome'

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