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We’ve made it over $3000 in 12days! WOOHOOO! we have 48days left to raise the rest of the funds!!! I f you haven’t pledged and want to for an amazing reward, You can help by pledging here:
I’m also getting ready for my trip to California, I’m so excited, expectant, happy at the chance to meet friends I love who I haven’t seen in ages, play some concerts and spread the crowd funding campaign over there!#california #CA #jazjones #crowd-funding #packing #friends #concerts#singer #newEP

The Last couple of days I have received a lot of Pledges and I need to say “THANK YOU!”: Ellen Peixoto @Debbie Sunshine @Deb Ann Blobovic @Goncalo @Cláudia Duarte @Josh Jones@Rui Gonçalves @Maya Attinello Rodrigues @Filipa Leandro @Rute Da SIlva Brito @Elaine Emery Blade Fong and all the anonymous pledges xxx thank you for pledging @ xxx#Jazjones #thankyou #crowdfunding #pledging #friends#family #believing 

To all those beautiful souls who have chosen to join me on this crowd funding journey…thank you from the bottom of my heart! Each time I receive a pledge I am overwhelmed with your generosity and faith! Love you!— with Traudi VenacavaPatti Gail GuascoCristian MundoGonzalo carmonaBrittney AndreesenMary Kay Langston JabekLuis Cardoso de MenezesAmy Knox HardyDeb Ann BlobovicJiri VaskoLori Wetmore and Laura Clarke.

Go to to make your pledge :) #crowdfunding #thankyou #jazjones #singer #newEP #Pledge #togetherwewillmakeit!

Hey guys! Tomorrow 7th Im playing @ Manning Bar at Sydney UNi 1pm! Come and hang out! Hoping to get some more ppl on board with the Crowd funding tomorrow!  Happy Sunday everyone!

HEY GUYS this is my 1st Crowd funding VLOG! CHECK IT OUT! Pledge @ to help make this EP a reality! THANK YOU! #Jazjones #crowdfunding #vlog 

Archie! Thank you so much for your message! Yes I would love you to play with me again, please send me you email/number as I unfortunately mistakenly deleted your message! Cheers! xx

Hey GUYS! Crowd funding campaign is under way!!! its a little scary but at the same time its awesome, i hope you can get on board and get involved with this! PLease check out all my rewards! No matter how little or large everything counts! This EP is for you! LOVE ME XXX

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